mercredi 2 juin 2010

around the world, around the wooorld

HELLO THE WoRLD ! (most of bobsmade fans are brazilian ... interesting no ?)

little girl whose living on a polynesian island or something like that ( must do some search)
dancing stupidly. All done with flash just to try

*3* thanks to bobsmade there's people from all around the world comming to this useless blog, that's why I wrote this note in english, how sweet of me na ? no ... ok

BYE BYE! COME AGAIN PLEEEASE ! and leave comments if you feel like doing it !=D

3 commentaires:

  1. En voilà une bien jolie animation.

    Tu avais une musique en fond sonore pour t'inspirer ?

  2. yeahh great animation again :D

    Here is the blog post on about your flash

  3. tss, décidément.. j'suis bien fatiguée (y)